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31st January 2013 - A Quiet MIDEM Focuses on Technology 

And so the first conference of the year has come and gone. MIDEM has never been one of the bigger conferences in Cannes but even my MIDEM standards this was a quiet year. There are no official attendance figures out yet but based on the demand we saw at Chic Gites, speaking to other apartment rental companies in Cannes and simply walking around Cannes during the week it was clear to see the attendance was down. It is very indicative of the general industry malaise that continues. Technology was in focus throughout the conference - both the opportunities and the threat it presents to the industry. As ever, the conclusion was that to survive, the industry has to adapt and innovate. 

On a brighter note, the NRJ music awards were well attended and viewing figures were strong. One Direction provided the main focus of publicity.

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