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10th April 2013 - A Quiet MIPTV 2013 in Cannes 

MIPTV started on Monday, though you would not have known it walking around Cannes. Usually when a conference is on in Cannes, the town is filled with delegates walking around with ID badges around their necks, but they were few and far between on Monday or Tuesday this week. The official numbers from MIPTV are that there are 12000 delegates this year, up from 11000 last year, but I find this very hard to believe based on people in Cannes. It is also the first conference since we opened in 2007 that we have no bookings and in fact did not even have a single enquiry. Speaking to other accommodation providers and agents in Cannes, this is the pattern across the board. Numbers staying in Cannes are undoutedly lower than in previous MIPTV conferences so there is a serious discrepancy between the official numbers being announced and what we are seeing in Cannes itself. 

As we do after every conference, we will be reassessing our prices for next year based on demand experienced this year. That will mean a substantial reduction in rates for MIPTV 2014 accommodation in the region of 20 to 30 percent lower. Prices will be published shortly on our Rates page.