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21st May 2013 - An Eventful Film Festival So Far 

After a rather wet start to the Film Festival, with the average rainfall for all of May falling on saturday alone, the sun is finally shining in Cannes. There is a great buzz in the centre of Cannes with conference guests filling the bars and restaurants and of course the Palais de Festivals red carpet area. Though for the first few days Cannes was grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A man was arrested trying to storm a French television live interview armed with a starters pistol, toy grenade and toy knife. Then over a million dollars of jewellery was stolen from a safe in one of the Croissette hotel rooms. 

But in true French style, Cannes simply brushed these events off and once again the world is discussing cinema, red carpet outfits and all the glamour normally associated with the Cannes Film Festival. We're now into the second half of the conference with just 5 days remaining until all the winners are announced.